All organisations are in a continual state of change - often slow and incremental but occasionally sudden and significant. This change can be created as a result of internal factors - difficult trading conditions, loss of staff or Trustees, or external factors - funding cuts, major shifts in local or national government policy, development of strategic initiatives or increasing competition for audiences or funding. On a positive note, change can be created through securing major capital or revenue investment, enabling organisations to make better use of their cultural assets, engage more effectively and extensively with audiences or to create a more resilient and sustainable organisation.

We work with cultural heritage sector organisations of all sizes and organisational identities on change management projects. This can include strategic planning to effectively position organisations and their activities as they deliver major projects, or seek to create new opportunities in a changing landscape. Key to this is identifying points of difference, niche and major opportunities to differentiate organisations and their activities and to locate these within the strategic priorities of thematic and geographic stakeholders. Governance reviews are often an important element of delivering change, identifying the most effective and appropriate governance structure to support change and deliver on a new, or refined strategic approach.  Skills audits are central to this, identifying existing, under utilised skills within the organisation, gaps in experience and expertise and seeking ways to address these to create organisationally resilient structures and resources.

We help clients with reviews of existing strategic plans, research and prepare new strategic plans in collaboration with clients and stakeholders, undertake skills audits to identify gaps, opportunities and weaknesses, and deliver governance reviews to enhance organisational resilience. Our strategic planning work is rooted in the need to connect governance to strategic planning and subsequently business planning.