English Heritage

The NHPP was designed by English Heritage to be a framework which brings the heritage sector together at a time of constrained resources to work towards shared goals. The current plan expires in March 2015 and English Heritage is currently developing the plan for the next period. To aid the development of the next iteration of the plan, English Heritage commissioned Jura Consultants to manage a comprehensive programme of consultation with the sector. This included developing workshop tools to be used at 13 workshops in 9 locations in England, developing and analysing an online survey and conducting one-to-one interviews with sector representatives. The findings from this process have been used to inform the development of the next plan.



Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust

Jura Consultants worked with Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust (PKHT) over an 18 month period to complete an organisation review and operational change commission that resulted in a new 5 year Strategic Plan for the Trust. PKHT was established in 1988, with the aim of conserving, enhancing and promoting the archaeological and architectural heritage of the Perth and Kinross area. In light of a changing funding environment in the sector an HLF Transition Funding award (the predecessor programme to the Resilient Heritage grant scheme) facilitated a review of the business model and operational setup of the Trust. PKHT wanted to explore potential new roles within an existing remit and to broaden their income streams beyond a core-funding model. The work included a review of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing governance and business models, close working with all staff and Trustees, consultation with partner organisations, a skills audit, workshops and the development of a new vision, mission and objectives. PKHT continue to effect strategic change, are now in a more resilient position and are building on an already impressive track record of sustaining improved management of the heritage for the long term.