Jura Consultants were commissioned by Bruntsfield St Oswald’s, a new community-based organisation comprising members of Bruntsfield Primary School Parent Council and the Eric Liddell Centre, to undertake a viability assessment and prepare a five-year business case for the use and ownership St Oswald’s Hall. This aim of this was to support an asset transfer application, bringing the disused, Category B listed church into the ownership of the community and provide a benefit for the residents of Bruntsfield. The project sought to balance the needs for sensitive restoration of the Hall whilst ensuring future operational sustainability and effective community use, addressing in particular the needs of children, young people and families in the area. A range of options spanning ‘core uses’ – those with a focus on community involvement - and more commercial ‘supporting uses’ were consulted on as part of a long-list assessment. Working alongside a design team led by WT Architecture, and using results from desk-based market assessment, community consultation and the scoping of a number of architectural intervention options and capital costings, a short list of options were identified. These were assessed on their deliverability, sustainability and desirability to identify a preferred option as the optimum use for the site which both satisfied the client brief and presented a financially sustainable case for the following 5 years of operation including a funding strategy and risk analysis, necessary capital works to the building and a proposed management structure.