Jura Consultants were part of a multi-disciplinary study team commissioned to establish a new vision for Fleet Air Arm aviation museum in the South West of England, part of the National Museums of the Royal Navy. The study was necessitated by practical requirements but offered the opportunity for the Fleet Air Arm Museum and the National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) to reimagine the future of the Museum. Our contribution to the study included utilising our experience in audience and business case development within the cultural heritage sector to develop a deeper understanding of the site as is, as well as exploring potential opportunities for the visitor experience and the future of the site. This included consideration of options for development and functional requirements. The study culminated in the preparation of a new vision which established the core aspirations for the museum and identifies key threads that will allow the vision to be easily understood. The vision will serve to guide future development and operation as an outward-looking, forward thinking institution for the 21st century.