The Holocaust Centre

The Holocaust Centre in Nottinghamshire was created to provide a place of learning, discussion and understanding of the Holocaust following a Christian family’s visit to Yad Vashem – Israel’s National Holocaust Museum in 1991. After many years of hard work, the Centre opened in the Smith’s family home. Dedicated to providing education programmes related to the Holocaust, the Centre provides two permanent exhibitions, a memorial and reflective space, education and teaching space, beautiful landscaped memorial gardens and viewing galleries to learn about the Holocaust. Holocaust Survivors speak to school and education groups as part of their visit to describe their own personal experiences of the Holocaust. Cognisant of the fact that Survivors are becoming unable to attend the Centre due to age or are passing away, the Centre is developing a project to digitally record the experiences of survivors and thereby to preserve these important stories for future generations. Innovative technology will be used to maximise the potential personal connection between audience member and recorded testimony.

 Jura Consultants assisted the Holocaust Centre in developing the concept and detail for a successful Heritage Lottery Fund Catalyst Endowment fund application. This involved close collaboration with senior staff at the Centre to fully understand its operations and aspirations for the future. This funding will then be match funded by a number of supporters to realise the ambitions for the project.