Sir Walter Scott Courthouse

In 2014, Jura Consultants were commissioned by Scottish Borders Council to prepare a Business Plan and Outline Activity Plan for the Sir Walter Scott’s Court House Redevelopment Project in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. The Court House lies within the heart of the town and was built on the initiative of Sir Walter Scott, the famous writer and Sheriff for the area. As part of this work, Jura Consultants supported the client in developing the project further from an initial options appraisal and feasibility study prepared by LDN Architects.  Jura Consultants, working with LDN Architects, developed initial proposals that addressed the key ambitions of the council with regard transforming the Court House into a successful visitor destination within the region and in conjunction with nearby Abbotsford, Sir Walter Scott’s residence, while also establishing the property as a community focal point. Jura Consultants subsequently facilitated public consultation on these proposals. Two open days were held at the Court House, where members of the public could review current proposals, make comments and provide further suggestions. Jura Consultants and members of the client team were available to answer questions. While the aim of the open day was to capture qualitative insights, demographic data was also collected in such a way that enabled analysis of comments on the basis of contributors’ characteristics such as age, residency and whether they had children. The client team used materials provided by Jura Consultants for further public consultation, which was analysed by Jura Consultants. Jura Consultants also developed, managed and analysed visitor surveys as Abbotsford, to test proposals for the visitor experience at the Court House, and how this may link in with the offer at Abbotsford. Following analysis of the consultation results, Jura Consultants prepared a Business Plan and an Activity Plan that brought the council’s library service, contact centre and museum service together within the Court House to offer community services that are integrated with a strong visitor and heritage offer.