Aberdeen City Council in partnership with Muse Developments

Dating from 1545, Provost Skene’s House (PSH) is one of Aberdeen’s few remaining examples of early burgh architecture. For five centuries it has witnessed enormous change, both in its own structure and in the social, economic and political changes with have affected the city. Positioned at the centre of medieval Aberdeen and now at the heart of a significant commercial development across Marischal Square, PSH is uniquely placed to explore the considerable change which has affected the city and its people over the past 500 years.

As part of the commercial redevelopment of Marischal Square being delivered by Muse Developments, Aberdeen City Council (ACC) aspires to revitalise PSH, creating a first rate heritage attraction capable of drawing a greater volume and more diverse range of audiences. Working alongside design consultants, Studioarc, Jura Consultants was commissioned to assess the visitor market potential for the redeveloped PSH exploring the scale of the visitor market, identifying key audience segments which would support ACC’s audience development objectives, and calculating a potential visit number forecast. Our findings draw from extensive consultation performed with both previous visitors and non-visitors through survey research and segmentation analysis pertaining to key target audience groups borne from this. Our study findings directly informed the emerging design proposals and became the basis from which the business case for investment was prepared.