South Ayrshire Council

Jura Consultants was part of a multi-disciplinary consultancy team delivering a Scottish government-funded charrette exploring the development potential for Maybole, South Ayrshire. Concentrating on the tourism development potential for Maybole, Jura Consultants held a workshop session with local business representatives, councillors and members of the local community as well as drop in surgeries throughout the four day consultation and development process. Here we explored the key issues facing Maybole’s tourism sector, the potential for tourism development and how these could complement other development priorities participants identified for the town and discussed with other specialists in our team. This concerned areas such as transport, health, housing and recreation and acknowledged the opportunities and constraints each development area posed on the other. The output of the intense consultation programme was the development of an overall development strategy for Maybole within which the recommended tourism strategy was firmly embedded. This was presented to the local community on the final day of the charrette providing the opportunity for immediate feedback and discussion.