High Life Highland

In March 2015, Jura Consultants were commissioned to undertake a feasibility study for Inverness Castle by High Life Highland on behalf of the Inverness Castle Working Group, jointly chaired by the Scottish Government Minister for Business, Energy and Tourism, and the Highland Council Leader. The aim of the study was to identify and analyse a viable and economically sustainable, high quality use or uses for Inverness Castle, an iconic building in a highly visible location near the centre of Inverness, used by the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service.In particular, the aspiration was to provide access for locals and visitors, and to maximise the impact on the economic, social and cultural life of Inverness and the Highlands.Jura Consultants lead a team of sub-consultants. Jura led on stakeholder consultations with community and business leaders, as well as the working group, to establish the aspirations for Inverness as a successful destination, and to identify the perceived need for the town regards community, business, and tourism, which might be met by a future development of Inverness Castle. Based on this consultation, Jura undertook a detailed appraisal of the potential market and developed financial appraisals of four options of varied uses, including a potential relocation of the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, and an immersive paid visitor attraction.Throughout this process, we remained in close contact with the client to test our thinking, and presented an Interim and a Final Report to the working group.