The Invercauld Estate

The Invercauld Estate has been in the ownership of the Farquharson family since before 1432, and covers an area of approximately 43,600 hectares (108,000 acres). Jura Consultants was commissioned to undertake a strategic review of the tourism offer in areas within the immediate vicinity of the Invercauld Estate. Specifically this encompasses the settlements of Braemar, Crathie, Bridge of Gairn and Ballater. Our study considers the current tourism offer and growth potential for the area from which a series of development opportunities were identified. Development opportunities available to the Invercauld Estate were a particular focus, the purpose being to position the future development of the Invercauld Estate within a wider framework of development for the area.

Our study was completed in parallel with a separate but related study developing a Masterplan for Braemar. Working collaboratively with the masterplanning consultants ensured that the tourism related recommendations for Braemar were conceived alongside other community-based and commercial development opportunities for the settlement supporting a cohesive and deliverable Masterplan. Our study methodology was based on a combination of desk-based and primary research. We engaged in an extensive consultation process consisting of one-to-one meetings within individuals and organisations identified as key stakeholders and a drop-in session open to stakeholders and members of the local community. During the open drop-in session we shared various development proposals asking the local community for their response. This process ensured that their needs and views were reflected in the proposals, particularly in terms of reflecting the appetite for tourism growth in the rural highland village. The consultation process directly informed the development recommendations which featured in the final study report.