South Ayrshire Council

Jura Consultants first became involved with Maybole in 2015 as part of a multi-disciplinary consultancy team delivering a Scottish government-funded charrette exploring the development potential of the town. Concentrating on the tourism development potential, Jura Consultants held a workshop session with local business representatives, councillors and members of the local community as well as drop in surgeries throughout the four day consultation and development process.

 Amidst proposals for a now confirmed new town bypass, the charrette process highlighted an opportunity to approach funders for investment into the historic fabric of the town centre, a designated Outstanding Conservation Area. Jura Consultants managed the process of developing two applications on behalf of Maybole Community Council which, in early 2017, resulted in a first round pass of £1.67million with development funding of £329,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund through its Townscape Heritage programme and a further £1.3 million from Historic Environment Scotland through its Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS). Jura Consultants hosted public information sharing events, established the priority and reserve projects for the bid, helped to develop a partnership approach between the Community Council and South Ayrshire Council and determined how the bids could best meet the outcomes of funders. Working with a multi-disciplinary team of architect and Quantity Surveyor further development work of the proposals is now taking place and the resulting investment will create a much improved, attractive, safe and sustainable town centre.

 In 2018 Jura Consultants is supporting the development phase of the project and is managing the wider fundraising requirements of the £6million regeneration project. This involves co-ordinating the process of securing an external partnership funding target of £1.2 million from various sources including Scottish Government and a range of smaller Trusts and Foundations.