Braemar Community Ltd

Braemar Castle is a compact tower house with a fascinating history dating back almost 400 years. With its crenelated battlements and star-shaped curtain wall, it has all the romantic aesthetic of a Highland castle, while its interiors present a welcoming and comfortable mid-century family home. Braemar Community Ltd (BCL) has leased the site and run it as a visitor attraction since 2007. During this time BCL secured funding to deliver various structural repairs and has overseen a number of visitor experience improvements which has transformed the Castle’s performance increasing visit volume by more than 300%. In order to move on to the next stage of development, BCL commissioned Jura Consultants to conduct a review of the current visitor experience and identify opportunities that would enhance the site’s long-term sustainability. As part of our methodology we prepared a long-list and then short-list of potential developments assessing each in terms of their desirability, sustainability and deliverability. The resultant report was an Outline Masterplan setting out development packages phased over the next six years. Since this study we have continued to work with BCL to determine the detail of a project forming one of the key phases of the Masterplan.