West Dunbartonshire Council (lead partner)

Jura Consultants led on the development of an Activity Plan complete with an Audience Development Strategy, for the Round 2 submission of a HLF bid for the Rediscovering the Antonine Wall Project. The Wall is Scotland’s largest and most important Roman monument, part of the much larger Frontiers of the Roman Empire UNESCO World Heritage Site which currently includes Hadrian’s Wall and the Upper German-Raetian Limes. The project is designed to increase awareness and understanding of, and engagement with the Antonine Wall, by linking the six management plan partners (Historic Environment Scotland, West Dunbartonshire, East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow City, Falkirk and North Lanarkshire Councils) with local communities across the length of the wall to co-design a series of pan-wall and area specific initiatives, that will be delivered over a three year period, creating direct and indirect benefit to areas adjacent to the line of the Wall and beyond.


Jura Consultants conducted an extensive programme of consultation to shape the proposals in response to community and stakeholder interests, through a combination of research techniques, from traditional public consultation events with community groups, individuals and organisations, targeted design workshops with schools, to more creative approaches such as attending events in local High Streets and running creative workshops. In total over 1,250 people were engaged through consultation process and their views served to inform the design of project strands and specific activity ideas.