HLF appoints young Heritage Ambassadors

Assistant Consultant Eleanor Styles has been selected as one of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)’s new Heritage Ambassadors, who will help to allocate millions of National Lottery funds awarded through HLF’s new £10 million Kick the Dust funding programme. The group, made up of 17 young people, drawn from across the UK will work with the organisation to promote and find ways of increasing the number of under-25s visiting and getting involved with heritage.

Kick the Dust is a £10m grant pilot programme, launched last September, that aims to help heritage organisations re-evaluate the experiences they provide for young people under 25 and test new ways of working with them. Grants of between £500,000 and £1m are available to projects where heritage and youth organisations collaborate to create opportunities for 11-25 year olds to engage with their heritage.

Cultural organisations were asked to submit applications by December 2016, which a HLF panel, assisted by the Young Ambassadors, will go through later this month. Any successful new ideas for engaging young people can then be embedded in heritage organisations and also shared with other cultural organisations across the UK. Through this pilot programme, HLF aims to increase the scale and ambition of heritage organisations’ work with young people.

The Heritage Ambassadors will work with HLF until March 2018 helping to advise HLF’s Trustees on awarding this new round of funding by sharing their experience, reviewing applications and providing their opinions on which projects are the most appealing, and likely to have the most impact for the greatest range of young people. As well as assisting in allocating millions of National Lottery funds to Kick the Dust projects, they will also champion heritage in their local areas and help heritage organisations to understand the benefits of better engagement with young people.

Eleanor is delighted to be involved in the process and looks forward to helping to promote and embed engagement with young people within the sector.