A Roman Invasion in the Jura office

Our office has been under threat of a Roman invasion this week as we prepare for a series of engaging community consultation sessions across the breadth of Scotland for the Rediscovering the Antonine Wall project.

This is an exciting and ambitious project which will bring the Antonine Wall UNESCO World Heritage Site to life and reveal more of its fascinating past through a number of innovative projects. An outline of the project has already secured a first-round pass from the Heritage Lottery Fund and we are currently involved in the detailed planning stage for a full grant application next year.

Community participation and engagement is critical to the success of this project with training and community-led events underpinning the delivery of the full three-year project which will use the story of the Antonine Wall as the inspiration for a number of initiatives, including:

  • Creating a Roman / Antonine Wall inspired play parks in each of the 5 local authority areas that host the Wall – sites under consideration include 
  • Designing and making a recreation of a distance marker in each of the 5 local authority areas that host the Wall
  • Planning creative multi-media projects related to sites along the Wall that talk specifically about the community’s experience of the sites, and the wider landscape and communities along the Wall
  • Developing and leading community initiatives: this could be anything from exhibitions or local research projects, to community gardens with a Roman twist, arts activities or drama performances based on the Antonine Wall 
  • Joining the 21st Century Legion – a volunteer legion that will help raise awareness of the Wall and assist in developing and delivering activities, amongst many others – no previous experience necessary as training will be provided
  • Outreach activities to museums and communities across Scotland

We are now in the process of engaging with communities along the wall’s entire length, ensuring that what is delivered is unique to each area of the Wall and carefully curated to meet the needs of individual local communities. Drop in events will be delivered in West Dunbartonshire, East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow, North Lanarkshire and Falkirk in November and December 2017 to share information about the project and to work with the community to develop the project ideas further.

For further details of the project or to register your interest in attending a session, head over to the Antonine Wall Facebook and Twitter accounts.