BUsiness Planning

We are experienced business planners and have been enhancing business planning in the heritage sector for 20 years. Our experience is recognised and utilised by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and organisations applying to the HLF. Specifically, our HLF experience includes:

  • Drafting the comprehensive business plan guidance published by HLF.

  • Delivering one-day courses in business planning and financial understanding accounts each year since 2008 across all HLF offices.

  • Two members of Jura Consultants are Assessors, Monitors and Mentors appointed to projects by HLF throughout the UK.

From our experience, the following issues are of critical importance in creating an effective business plan that meets the needs of our clients and the expectations of the Heritage Lottery Fund:

  • The business case must be strategic, positioning the transformational change delivered by the project in terms of the development of the applicant’s organisation and connections to the strategic priorities of relevant external stakeholders .

  • The business case must also be operational, clearly articulating how the aims and objectives of the project will be delivered in a sustainable way.

  • The business planning process needs to be effectively integrated with the rest of the project development process, influencing and being influenced by the work the of the design team, programming team etc.

Effective collaboration across the project and client team is required to ensure communication is effective and the project development process effective. In particular, close collaboration is required between the activity planning team and the business planners. The consultation process for the development of the activity plan should include research to inform the activity plan and to inform visitor number, income and expenditure projections. This provides an opportunity to market test business plan proposals or principles, enhancing robustness and mitigating risk. We are frequently commissioned to prepare Activity Plans and Business Plans for clients in tandem.